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I don’t care that you got into drugs for three months straight, or how much sleep you lost in that period. I don’t care that you went home and fucked that person and woke up at 6am hating everything about yourself, or that you smoked so much you sounded as though your lungs were giving out.

You’re not a bad person for the ways you tried to kill your sadness.

You’re just human, and being human means you need to survive and you do so whichever way you deem fit, fuck everyone else.

~"you’re not a bad person for the ways you tried to kill your sadness"  (via bl-ossomed)

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he was a skater cat
she said “see you later cat”
meow meow meow meow
meow meow meow meow

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“It’s okay to live a life others don’t understand.”

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Long exposure, 3 traffic lights in the fog.

damn this just
this fukn does it for me
this is gorgeous

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Take 5 minutes out of your morning/night to educate yourself on this young man LL. The brother was LYNCHED. “Crackertown”, North Carolina. Been gone since the morning of Aug. 29th. Day of his first football game of his senior year. All that hard work in the summer for nothin’. #JusticeForLennonLacy

This needs more light..

racism needs to hurry up and DIE


So he was found hanging, the morning of his first big game that he had been preparing for all year, wearing somebody else’s shoes, with his brand new shoes missing. he had a white girlfriend, openly racist neighbours, confederate flags everywhere, marks on his face indicating he was in a fight just minutes before..

This was not a suicide, no way in hell. This was a modern day lynching.

I hope they get answers soon. Poor boy.

This is a fucking shame.

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Matty Healy telling my friend and I to whisper after inviting us on his tour bus at 3am to talk for a little after there show at the Fillmore // 4•18•14 //


bucket list 

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This weekend, two students in my school committed suicide.  A few upperclassmen got thousands of sticky notes and wrote nice sayings on them and put one on every single locker in the school in hopes of lifting everyone’s spirits and making sure everyone knows that they aren’t alone

This makes me happy.

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